and Policies

What is the Aerial Arts?

Aerial Arts encompasses a wide variety of apparatuses in which a student or performer can learn poses, transitions and drops for the purpose of recreation or entertainment.

Can I walk into any class?
If the class has no level assigned to it, you are welcome to walk into the class with no experience. If you are interested in taking our level 1 apparatus classes (pole, silk, hoop, trapeze, hammock) attending an intro to aerial class first is required. You may attend without having to pre-register but please be aware that those who made an advance reservation will get priority participation. We always recommend that you create your account (required) prior to coming. Remember to sign your electronic waiver attached to your account.

What should I wear or bring to my first class?

Different apparatuses require different attire, so check the course description for details. In general, yoga pants (tighter fitting pants) and a t-shirt work well. You will be asked to remove your jewelry and shoes. Feel free to bring your water. Please don't apply lotions or oils before class as it makes it very difficult to use the equipment.

How Do I redeem my social media voucher?
You'll want to click on the redeem voucher tab on the main navigation menu. This process can take up to 48 hours as we need to create your account.

Where should I park? Where is your entrance?

Parking and our entrance is in the back of historic school #56. If you not been to the studio previously, I would give yourself a few extra minutes.

Class Cancellations & Studio Closings
It is rare that we cancel classes, however you will be notified via the email address you provided to create your client account. For winter weather, we close when there is a blizzard or a no travel advisory has been issued. In the event that a class is canceled, your pass will not be charged for the class.

Is there a changing room? Do you have lockers?

No, the studio has 1 large restroom. If possible, please try to change clothes prior to coming. We have storage cubbies for your items.

What if I am late to class - can I still come?

Please do not walk into class if you are more than 5 minutes late. The beginning of class is the most important part! Your warm up will help prevent injuries.

I am going to miss class, do you have make ups?
Make sure you cancel your class ahead of time so you do not get charged for the spot in the class. If you cancel within the cancellation policy, feel free to select an alternate class to attend. Please note that we can not guarantee your spot in the next class as many of apparatuses classes don't take more than 10 participants for quality and safety. 

What is your refund policy?
UP Aerial Fitness will not refund memberships once they are used to reserve classes. This is because you have purchased a spot in class that can not be resold. We will issue a refund if you are able to provide a doctors note for injury or illness.

No Show Policy for Walk Ins/Class Pass

If you made an advance reservation for walk in class that uses equipment (ie; bungee, cirque circuit, aerial yoga, etc.) and do not show up, UAF reserves the right to either charge your card on file or deduct a punch from your class pass or membership.

My punch pass is about to expire, can I have an extension?

In most cases, we will not extend punch pass expiration dates unless you have special circumstances, such as traveling out of the country for work, etc.  Punch passes are discounted and have a use it or lose it policy.


Who can participate? Am I too old?
Anyone can do the Aerial Arts. Your age or fitness level does not determine your ability.  Most people are surprised after taking a workshop, to learn they did much more than they initially thought. This is because our bodies can do amazing things - its the mind that often needs some convincing.

What if I’m not strong enough?

We assume that all students don’t have any upper body or core strength and we build your skills from the ground, up! That said, the stronger you are the easier it will be for you to progress more quickly.

I’m worried that I won’t be good at this....

Learning aerials can be challenging, both physically and mentally - its a skill and it takes time and practice, be patient and kind to yourself. The most  important thing is to accomplish your personal goals. Don’t judge yourself up against the person next to you, remember to have fun, get fit and know that your instructor is always there to help.

I just had my first class and can’t lift my arms.

That’s totally normal. You are going to be sore as your body adjusts to doing new activity. Treat yourself to a hot Epson salt bath and gently stretch.