Class Descriptions

All Classes are 50 minutes in length

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Intro to Aerial Fitness Workshop

Want to Try it before you commit? No problem, UP! Aerial Fitness offers you the opportunity to experience the aerial silks and aerial hoop.

Cirque Du SoLittle (Child and Parent/Caretaker)

This exploratory and play class is tailored for ages 1 - 3 year olds. Parents will work with their child as they guide them through the various ground and aerial activities. Activities explored in class will include acroyoga, basic rolling, balance and floor beam exercises, hammock and aerial yoga, hand eye coordination activities, climbing and hanging techniques and circus story time. Activities will be rotated each week.

Youth Aerial

Experience what its like to be real aerial acrobat. Children will have a blast training on our aerial apparatuses, such as silks, aerial hoop and hammock. Our trained circus arts instructors will provide guided instruction in a safe and encouraging environment, where their confidence can soar. They will also explore ground activities such as hula hooping, partner acro and fun games. Boys and girls welcome. Ages 7 - 12 years.  50 minutes. Preregistration Required.

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks is one of the most popular session courses at UP! Aerial Fitness. That's often because of the beauty, skill and versatility of the ribbon-like fabrics. You can pose, wrap, climb, invert and drop. 

Aerial Hoop

Also referred to a Lyra, the Aerial Hoop is circular metal apparatus that resembles a hula hoop. You'll learn various mounts, poses, transitions and sequences. Drops and Rolls are explored in levels 2 & 3.

Static Trapeze

Static Trapeze certainly allows you fly (except you won't be up 30 feet in the air). UP! Aerial Fitness explores static trapeze similarly to the aerial hoop. At level 1, you'll work on the fundamentals on the bar and below. Once you advance, movements get more intricate incorporating the ropes.

Aerial Yoga

This yoga flow class is a fun way to strengthen and tone your body. You will relax, breathe and gain flexibility all while becoming acclimated with the use of our aerial fabrics. This Aerial Yoga class may also offer a variety of health benefits such as spinal decompression. No yoga or aerial experience needed. Executing Asanas and other yoga poses in the hammocks will surely be a new and different way to practice yoga while in flight. 50 Minutes.

Aerial Sling (Hammock)

The aerial sling / hammock is fabric loop that allows the user to perform poses, rotations, and drops. This beginner level sling class will have participants performing different mounts, poses and basic rolls.

Bungee Fitness

Wearing a harness with a bungee cord connected in the back, you'll be bouncing, flying and getting fit! This fun, cardio and calorie burning class, great for those who want a low-impact workout that is gentle on the joints. Teens and Adults of all ages are welcome and encouraged to try it! Due to equipment ratings and the elasticity of the bungee cords units, we can accept students who are 200 lbs or under. We rely on your integrity when sharing your weight with the instructor and your safety depends on it.


Tone and tighten as you gain flexibility through dance and fitness inspired movements while using a barre for assistance.

Flybarre Trapeze

This total body workout combines strength building techniques for the back, arms, abs and booty using a hybrid apparatus that incorporates a trapeze bar. If you are looking for a class that will see and feel results quickly, this is it. Get ready to take flight on the FlyBarre!

Flexibilty and Splits

Learn how to reach (no pun intended) your flexibility goals. Your instructor will provide with the knowledge to safely and properly works towards achieving a split. Attention will also be focused on the back, shoulders and hips. Dynamic movements, resistance training, as well as static poses will be explored during class.

Cirque Circuit

Combine circus apparatuses and circuit training and you get Cirque Circuit. This class focuses on strength training and targeting different muscle groups. Participates will rotate through different exercises using equipment including stall bars, aerial hammocks, aerial hoop, aerial silks and trapeze.

Aerial Pole

Aerial Pole has no connection point to the ground, so get ready to swing. You'll become confident with moving the pole around you as well as basic fundamental movements including climbing, sitting and short sequences. Those who have taken pole fitness will likely love the exploration of this innovative apparatuses. Don’t worry about your strength, we can help you build that! Entry level through intermediate level students are welcome.

Required Attire - Shorts and t-shirt or tank. Your skin will help you grip the pole.

Low Flow Lyra

Lets dance with Lyra. Explore unique transitions and movements from the ground to the air and back. You'll learn a short routine combination by end of class. No experience needed.

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