Lisa Harrer
Assistant Instructor, Party Hostess


Lisa is a new and welcome addition to the UP Aerial Fitness team.  While she practices several aerial apparatuses, Lisa is most at home on the Lyra or Trapeze. Originally from Holland, NY, she has always found ways to keep herself active.  At a young age, she was involved in multiple sports and dance classes among other activities.  This passion for staying busy and physically fit continued to grow in college as she played on the field hockey team despite an extremely busy four years of undergraduate studies.  

Lisa graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2013 with a BS in Physics and Engineering. She currently works as a Manufacturing Engineer while studying for her Masters in Engineering Management and her MBA. Today, when she is not working or at the studio, you may find her four-wheeling, snowmobiling, or training for a Spartan race.  Always up for a challenge and trying something new, Lisa attended her first class at UP back in November of 2017 where she immediately fell in love. She is currently studying under Kim and Jo as she continues to hone her skills and grow as an aerialist.  Lisa has developed a deep appreciation for the dedication and commitment needed to be successful at circus arts, and is looking forward to helping others train and encouraging them to succeed.